About Traian

I started playing with SEO in 1998 when I built a basic LAMP website. I approached the business model with the “build it, and they’ll come” expectation, but it didn’t happen. Searchers couldn’t find my website because it did not rank on the first page of Yahoo! (back then, it was all about Yahoo!  So, I started learning how to attract organic traffic. I read forums, articles, and newsletters, and then tested, tested, and tested again. I finally made it to the top five, and then …

… I discovered my passion: search engine optimization. A few years later, I became attracted to more complex SEO issues specific to e-commerce websites.

Fast forward to today, I’m still passionate about SEO and e-commerce. Meanwhile, adding more knowledge helps me approach SEO regarding information architecture, user interface, site performance, and usability issues.

During my SEO travels, I worked with large and small companies ranging from spas around the corner to multi-billion e-commerce websites, succeeding in competitive niches such as jewelry, hotel bookings, and online pharma.

In the “Ecommerce SEO” course, I share a wealth of information to help you succeed with your online store.

If you want to get in touch with me, connect on LinkedIn.