Can scraped content trigger a search penalty?

Published: July 28, 2019

According to multiple official Google statements, scraped content can negatively affect the rankings on Google, and can also trigger a penalty.

To quote an official Google document, “Some webmasters use content taken (“scraped”) from other, more reputable sites on the assumption that increasing the volume of pages on their site is a good long-term strategy regardless of the relevance or uniqueness of that content”. source (Google)

Scrapped content can trigger a manual penalty (either site-wide or partial) as stated by Google, in a different official document:

“content or low-quality guest blog posts […] don’t provide users with substantially unique or valuable content, and are in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines.” source (Google)

You might be thinking, isn’t this very article copying content from multiple sources? Yes, it does, but my content has to include official quotes to support the statements. I don’t care how Google will treat this page, or if they decide to index it or not.  My goal is to help you, the user, not Googlebot.

Keep in mind that the Panda algorithm collects information at the page-level, but it applies at the domain level. This means that a limited amount of content (specifically, quotes) should be OK.