Collection Of 100+ Checkout Buttons

Published: September 20, 2008

Updated: August 8th, 2020

Note: if you plan to design a checkout button, please read this post on “The Best Checkout Button“.

The checkout process plays an essential role in the user experience on all e-commerce websites. And, the shopping process starts with a click on the Checkout button. While buying decisions can be influenced by matters other than your website, once visitors decide to purchase products from your site, it is your job to help (persuade) them to complete the buying process.

Assuming your visitor has already added products to their shopping cart, how well do you manage to persuade them to finish the checkout process? How usable are your checkout button and checkout pages? Does the button stand out from the rest of the page? Do visitors find it easy and compelling to click on it? Are there any general rules to follow when designing a checkout button?

I tried to answer such questions, and I ended up analyzing 111 checkout button designs, from 111 top retailers. The findings and other interesting stats are listed at the end of this article.

NOTICE: there are two retailers I couldn’t find a proper checkout button: The Sharper Image (the site was under construction), and Gateway, which doesn’t sell directly on the website.

checkout button 1800 Contactscheckout button 1800 Flowerscheckout button 1800 Pet Meds
checkout button AbeBookscheckout button Abercrombie Fitchcheckout button American Eagle
checkout button Alibrischeckout button Amazoncheckout button Apple
checkout button Art.comcheckout button Avoncheckout button Bass Pro
checkout button Bath and Body Workscheckout button Bed Bath and Beyondcheckout button Bath and Body Works
checkout button Blaircheckout button Bloomingdale-scheckout button Blue Nile
checkout button Barnes and Noblecheckout button Buy.comcheckout button Cabelas
checkout button Cafe Presscheckout button CDW Corporationcheckout button Chadwicks
checkout button Circuit Citycheckout button Cold Water Creekcheckout button Comp U Plus
checkout button Comp USAcheckout button Costcocheckout button Crate and Barrel
checkout button Crutchfieldcheckout button CVS Pharmacycheckout button Delias
checkout button Dellcheckout button Disney Shoppingcheckout button Domestications
checkout button Drs Foster and Smithcheckout button Drug Storecheckout button eBags
checkout button eCostcheckout button Eddie Bauercheckout button eFollet
checkout button eTronicscheckout button Foot Lockercheckout button FTD Group
checkout button Furniture.comcheckout button The Gapcheckout button Gateway
checkout button Harry and Davidcheckout button Hickory Farmscheckout button
checkout button Homeclickcheckout button Home Depotcheckout button Hewlett Packard
checkout button I Buy Digitalcheckout button JC Penneycheckout button J Crew
checkout button JC Whitneycheckout button J Jillcheckout button Lands End
checkout button Lillian Vernoncheckout button Liz Claibornecheckout button LL
checkout button LL Bean.comcheckout button Lowescheckout button Macy's
checkout button Major League Baseballcheckout button Musician's Friendcheckout button New Egg
checkout button Nieman Marcuscheckout button Nordstromcheckout button Northern Tool
checkout button Office Depotcheckout button Office Maxcheckout button Omaha Steaks
checkout button Orientalcheckout button Overstockcheckout button
checkout button PC Connectioncheckout button PC Mallcheckout button Peapod
checkout button Pet Smartcheckout button Ralph and Lorencheckout button Pro Flowers
checkout button QVCcheckout button REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)checkout button Ritz
checkout button Sakscheckout button Scholastic.comcheckout button Schwans
checkout button Searscheckout button Sephoracheckout button NBC
checkout button Smart Bargainscheckout button Sony Stylecheckout button Spiegel
checkout button Sportsman's Guidecheckout button Staplescheckout button Talbots
checkout button Target.comcheckout button Tiger Directcheckout button Sharper Image
checkout button Toys'R'Uscheckout button Urban Outfitterscheckout button Victoria's Secret
checkout button Vista Printcheckout button Walgreenscheckout button Walmart
checkout button Williams Sonomacheckout button Zappos

Main conclusion:
Even if the 110 retailers display 110 different checkout button images, there are still some common practices you can follow when designing a checkout button. Let’s take a look at some stats:

Button color (background):
blue – 21 (19%)
brown – 5 (4.5%)
gray – 11 (10%)
green – 17 (15%)
orange – 12 (11%)
pink – 2 (2%)
purple – 4(4%)
red – 24 (22%)
white – 6 (5%)
yellow – 8 (7%)

Button color (text):
black – 10 (10%)
blue – 9 (8%)
brown – 1 (less than 1%)
green – 1 (less than 1%)
orange – 1(less than 1%)
pink – 1 (less than 1%)
purple – 1(less than 1%)
red – 2 (less than 1%)
white – 84 (77%)
yellow – 1 (less than 1%)

How is “checkout” spelled?
check out – 8 (7%)
checkout – 101 (93%)

Is “checkout/check out” always used as button’s text?
yes – 108 (99%)
no – 2 (1%) – 1800contacts uses CONTINUE ORDER and uses Order Now

Is “checkout” UPPER case, lower case or Sentence Case?
CHECKOUT – 44 (40%)

checkout – 11 (10%)
Checkout – 44 (40%)
others – 9 (10%)

Which call to action verbs are used on buttons along with “Checkout”? (which can also be considered a call to action, but not so strong)?
Continue – 12 (11%)
Proceed – 30 (27%)
Now – 9 (9%)
Go To – 2 (1%)
Use – 1 (less than 1%)
Begin – 7 (6%)
none – 50 (45%)

Does the button contains anti-anxiety elements, such as the term “secure”?
secure – 14 (12%)
no – 96 (88%)

Is there an arrow associated with the checkout button?
yes, on the left side of the button – 45 (40%)
yes, on the right side of the button – 17 (15%)
no – 48 (43%)

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