Is title tag and H1 consistency a Google ranking signal?

Published: January 10, 2019

Yes, according to Google’s John Mueller, having the same title and H1 (eventually a single H1 on a page) helps Google better understand the structure of the page, for News Search.

Q:” Is it better to have the Title and H1 content different? Google News rules indicate no, but some SEO’s say yes. Is this just a matter that the algorithm is different for Google Search and Google News?”

A: Consistency is key. One thing we always try to get right is extracting your headline. And if there are different places on the page that point to different headlines, that’s very confusing for the bot.[…] So really try to be consistent, it is the best way for us to correctly index your headline, index that snippet below.


This has not been confirmed as a factor for web Search.